A312 TP317L PIPE

A312 TP317L PIPE

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ASTM A312/A312M Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipes. 

This specification covers seamless, straight-seam welded, and heavily cold worked welded austenitic 

stainless steel pipe intended for high-temperature and general corrosive service.

Grades TP304H, TP309H TP309HCb, TP310H, TP310HCb, TP316H, TP321H, and TP348H are 

modifications of Grades TP304, TP309Cb, TP309S, TP310Cb, TP310S, TP316, TP321, TP347, and 

TP348, and are intended for high-temperature service.


HNSS-STEEL supply ASTM A312 TP317L steel pipes comply with ASTM A312/A312M, ASTM A999/A999M.


TP317L(S31703) Chemical Composition

C 0.035%, Mn 2.00%, P 0.045%, S 0.03%, Si 1.00%, Cr 18.0%-20.0%, Ni 11.0%-15.0%, Mo 3.0%-4.0%

TP317L(S31703) Tensile Requirements

Tensile Strength, min 75ksi515Mpa

Yield Strength, min 30ksi 205Mpa


Surface finish No.1 With heat treatment after hot rolling, pickling or equivalent.

Surface finish No.2B After cold rolling, carry out heat treatment and pickling or other equivalent processing. 

And use cold rolling processing to make surface brightness.


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